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Information On Home Audio Solutions For New Construction & Existing Homes

The Pre-wire
Electrical and audio prewiring done by DNA Home Audio

Pre-wiring is the most important step in your houses future. This step was not as important 10 years ago as it is today!  With people wanting home theaters and whole house audio, your house could be out of date before it is built.  Why not take the cheapest upgrade with the most return on your new house build?  Pre-wiring is where it is at.

Most people start building their new house and soon realize that they are going to have to cut costs here and there to be able to make their payments. (Laminate counters instead of granite, eliminate floor heat, not finishing the basement, no insulation for the garage. etc.)  This happens all too often with good intentions to do it later on or put up without it.

The problem that most do not realize is that your house is similar to a computer these days.  If you wire it like one, you can keep upgrading it and it will sell as a up-gradable home.  If you don't, all you have is a house.  I suggest making it up-gradable!

You probably have a bunch of questions about all of this information on pre-wiring for home audio systems, so we have provided a few Q and A's for you below.  Naturally, if you still have additional questions or needs, don't hesitate to contact us!

Q:  What does it cost to pre-wire?
A:  Most houses can be pre-wired for 6 rooms(ZONES) of audio and one 7.1 channel surround sound system for under $2,200.00.  However, we provide free custom quotes for your project, so please contact us ahead of time to ensure you understand what your project will cost.

Q:  Do I have to finish the project right away?
A:  No!  You can pre-wire and leave it for the next people that live there, or finish it off room by room.

Q:  You said 6 rooms of audio in the earlier question; can I do more, or less?
A:  Yes, each room is called a ZONE, and you can wire every room of your house as a zone including your patio, deck, fire pit, pool, etc.  Your options are pretty much limitless.

Q:  Do we have to look at ugly holes in the walls and ceilings where the speakers will go sometime down the road?
A:  No!  We install a locating strap that allows us to directly pinpoint the location we planned to hang speakers for the future on all pre-wires.