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Home Theater Solutions

Tips & Information For Home Theater Solutions For Your House

Understanding Today's Home Theater Technology

A home theater designed and installed in the Fargo area by DNA Home AudioStill getting rid of your old TV's?  I would like to say a couple of things about getting a new TV.  Big box stores are going to sell you their most expensive items first, then feel you out until you have settled, somewhere in the middle of what you wanted to spend and he/she started you out at.

All in all, they got what they wanted, and you got your TV.  They also sold you a bunch of other crap with it.  When I say crap, I am referring to the expensive cables and surge protectors that they have there and can add to your Big Box Credit Card for points.

The way it should work is you buy only the equipment you need without all the cost.  Sure the TV is most likely a better deal to buy from the Big Box stores, but know what you want before you go by doing your research.  Also, DO NOT buy their cables or surge protectors for triple the cost.  They will most likely sell you something that will possibly not even protect your valuable electronics.

This is where DNA Home Audio stands out. For both installation and electronics selection, I do it right the first time and will make sure you are satisfied.  I will walk throughout your house with you and plan out the best positions for lighting and integration of audio with your TV setup.

Big Box stores sell your TV and sell your installation, but the last time I checked they don't offer free advice and satisfaction of your end product.  Now just like the Audio Solution tab, Video pre-wire is just as important and should be done at the same time.  I will make your home up-gradeable for future cable and new types of video.  That way you are not stuck with what you have for the next 30 years.